Hello there!


Is it September already? Time has surely flew by and I cannot believe it has been A YEAR since I have started writing this blog.

The amount of things I have learned this past year in unbelievable and the best part definitely has to be getting to meet other travel bloggers and their work, as there surely are some amazing blogs, itineraries and stories out there that I now read on a daily basis, second best thing to feed anyone’s wanderlust!

Last September, whilst on a holiday to my hometown in Galicia, I managed to shoot some amazing photos from possibly one of the best beach days that summer.. It was when I got home and had a look at them that I realized I could post all the shots I had been taking along the years I had been traveling as a way to have a memory I could easily share and always look back to.

O Vilar beach belongs to the Dunes Complex of Corrubedo e Lagoas de Carregal e Vixán in Ribeira, A Coruña. It is a natural space and one of the top best beaches in the region.

If you still have any doubts whether or not you should check it out I will just let these photos convince you, enjoy!

Becca x




To learn more about the beach O Vilar to go:


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